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We find great pleasure in organizing and hosting retreat experiences. It is a fulfilling experience for us to see our guests arrive with open hearts and minds - ready to embrace the experience. Their willingness to participate and engage is the driving force behind our continued commitment to this work.


Zahra, Vancouver

The Más Bliss retreat was a magical experience. Cara and Sheri are masters at helping women unwind, connect and get what they need most from a few days away from day to day life. I loved EVERYTHING about this experience. I have been to several wellness retreats in the past and I can definitely say this one was my favorite.

Gretchen, San Diego

Retreats with Sheri and Cara are intended to nourish your soul and stoke renewal. And these women accomplish what they set out to do. They are exceptional.

Hope, Wyoming

The Más Bliss Retreat was exactly what my mind, body and spirit needed. I felt held and safe by Cara, Sheri, Topia Retreat and Todos Santos. It's the kind of vacation I return from feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.
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