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Coming of age in today’s world isn’t easy.


Girls today face unique sources of stress and anxiety as they navigate new + unfamiliar landscape.

We have some tools to help navigate life with confidence.

We invite your daughter to join us for a weekend retreat to learn practices to deepen sense of self.

Young woman practicing yoga, sitting in Seated forward bend exercise, paschimottanasana po


Upcoming Date: TBD

This program has been designed for teens ages 12-15 years old. Please reach out for enrollment outside of this age range.


$329 investment includes program, workbook, lunch and all supplies*


*Scholarships available, inquire 

During this day long experience, your daughter will:

  • Learn tools and techniques to connect with oneself.

  • Practice yoga + meditation to kindle the relationship with her own centered, inner knowing.

  • Receive a journaling workbook to reflect + guide her path.

  • Externalize her stresses + anxiety and find common ground in community.

  • Explore creative practices as an expressive outlet.

  • Receive supportive guidance from experienced facilitators.


This retreat experience is just for you.

We designed a day filled with powerful practices to help you confidently face any challenge or opportunity in your life.

During the retreat, you will practice yoga, learn meditation, and have opportunities for creative expression in a supportive environment. 


We hope you walk away with a stronger connection with yourself, new friendships and a collection of supportive tools to take with you always.




Sandy Reid

mother of 4

"The experience of being n their presence, in their chosen beautiful environments, are natural healing and loving resets. The yoga, the nutrition, and of course the sisterhood that is fostered, creates an effortless blissful experience and a memory to last

a lifetime.

I cannot wait for my daughters to experience this necessary retreat with Sheri + Cara, who I wholeheartedly trust. I just know they will come away knowing, trusting, and loving themselves and others even more."


Shadean Runyan

mother of 4

"I couldn’t be more grateful for the care, passion and knowledge Cara and Sheri provide in all their wellness programs. There are not two other individuals I could trust more with myself or my daughter when it comes to facilitating and transforming our thinking and approach to wellness and self care. They are incredibly experienced and gifted in this space and have the ability to tailor their approach to meet the needs of each individual regardless of where they are.


They create a safe and nurturing environment that allows you to trust, breathe and relax. Their priority is the emotional and physical wellbeing of those they serve. I can’t say enough about this dynamic duo."


Sasha Shanner

mother of 3

"I always tell anyone, if Sheri + Cara are doing a workshop, event or training, don't ask questions, just sign up. The thought and care they put into their work is above and beyond. They sincerely care about each person they are with and stay present in every moment to support what they need. I have known them for many years, attended many of their retreats and would trust them with anyone I love, including my 3 daughters.

When you attend one of their retreats you can expect thoughtful content, loving support and that they have brought together like minded women and girls that will also support each other."

We are mothers, friends and teachers.


We have spent the last decade guiding groups of women through murky moments and into sisterhood.


The calling to support teen girls in this same way has always been there.

We designed this retreat experience to provide teen girls with practices to take with them over their lifetime to better understand themselves as they navigate this uncertain and magical world. 


Thanks for subscribing!

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